14 Tips for Entrepreneurs to build a business model innovation

How do entrepreneurs develop a business model that is highly scalable, unique, loved by customers, a money-making machine, disrupt an industry, be a unicorn and just work 4-hours per week? In this post, you find the golden keys to success. Guaranteed!

Well, not really. A 4 hour work week might work for Tim Ferries, but you as an entrepreneur have to find the business model that fits your customers and you. That is the right stuff. Building a great business model is work, much of it. You can make every mistake by yourself or you can have a more structured and highly creative approach to building a sustainable business model.

In the following slide deck, I give you my 14 tips how you can become a better entrepreneur. Still, it is you who has to do the thinking, the learning, and the work. You can read as many smart books as possible. You are unique. You are not Steve Jobs or Tim Ferries. You are you. So make the best out of your potential.

Hopefully, the deck will help you to find your “The Right stuff”.

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