Keynote on Business Model Innovation at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

The THESUS program seeks to develop technologies and applications for the Internet of services. The program is sponsored by the German government and supported by German IT heavy weights like SAP or Siemens and technical universities in Germany.

The program is based on several use cases where technology is supposed to solve a real world problem. The aim of the program is to build with semantic technologies a new and better knowledge infrastructure. For webbies you can also call it Web3.0.

I was invited to give a keynote on business model innovation at a THESEUS workshop at the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation. Interesting at the workshop was that most use cases have a clear benefit, but it was unclear who the customers will be that are willing to pay for the service; very typical for government sponsored and technology driven programs. During the breaks we had a lively discussion how to commercialize the results of the program.

Here you find the slides from the keynote (in German).

Business Model Innovation on the Web

Yesterday, I gave a presentation at the InternetBriefing Zurich. Here it is. Enjoy it. I use Experteer, Linguee, blacksocks and digitalSTROM as case studies to illustrate business model innovation.

Business Model Innovation on the Web oder wie man Marktführer vom Thron stösst