You do not have to be loved by everybody – a great value proposition

Most people want to be liked or even be loved. But a good value proposition for a firm should not attract everybody but only the ones you intend. And that means that a lot of people might even hate you. Take the latest controversy about Abercrombie & Fitch, an American retailer for casual wear. See here (forbes.com), here (Los Angeles Times) or…

It’s time to move

This is an announcement for the subscribers to this blog. In less than two months Google will stop Google Reader. That’s bad but we can’t change it. Unfortunately, over 600 subscribers of this blog still use Google Readers according to our feedburner statistics. And that is bad. Bad for us, because we loose 600 subscribers that have a huge loyalty…

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It’s not the price, stupid. It is the value (proposition)

Concentrate less on the product and more on the value you create for your customers. The customers care for the value proposition and how you fulfill it. And of course, the product is important but all other building blocks help to fulfill the value proposition as well.

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Banking 2.0: Call for help

Ideas for unsolved or badly solved jobs in today’s banking Dear readers, this time I would like to tap to your collective and swarm intelligence. It’s a bit like open innovation but in a quick and dirty version. The challenge: boring and uninspiring banking The challenge is simple. Retail and e-Banking in the current form is quite 1.0. Most eBanking…

Leaving blanks blank: The art of accepting blanks on the canvas
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Leaving blanks blank: The art of accepting blanks on the canvas

Recently, I spent time at the most international and diverse university of Germany, the Jacobs University in Bremen with Prof. Steven Ney. I did a seminar on entrepreneurial design. The students were trained already to use the canvas and the course was great. However, their inability to leave blanks on the canvas was striking. What do I mean by this?