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Steve Jobs on values in your business model

Team and corporate values

Business Modeling is often seen as process to rearrange the building blocks to an innovative business model. What people forget is that a business model is not just the building plan of your business but also should give answer to the question “Why should your business exist from a customer perspective?” So a business model is not just a building plan but also how you give meaning to your customers and your employees.

Values comes in different forms in the business model: First, it is the value proposition. You propose to your customers what value you will create for them when they engage with you. The second is your values and believes you share among the team that makes a great company. These two values are soft factors and sometimes fluffy. However, they are the foundation so that you can capture the economic value with your revenue model. These values make the difference.

Just watch Steve Jobs on values. And then apply that to your business model and your value proposition. You see, the value proposition has absolutely nothing to do with your product. So what is your core belief? What are your values? What do you stand for?

Simple questions, very difficult answers. Answer them. Try. Try again until you know what you stand for.

Your core values as starting point for business model innovation

Very few firms have very strong values and keep them over many years. But these values make the difference between ordinary good companies and great companies. Do you want to be great? Then work on your value proposition and your values. That gives meaning to you and your customers!


  1. I was impressed by Apple refusing to fun the GOP (Republican) convention this year owing to TRUMP’s outrageous and racist comments. To me, Apple acted on its values.

  2. @Kay, totally agree. I am impressed by Steve Jobs because he stood up to its values for so long. The video is from the mid 1990s and you could still feel the values being lived up to when he died. He says something in the video: Everything changes, but your values should not! But that works only if you have values.

    Good to hear form you! How is California?

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