It’s time to move

This is an announcement for the subscribers to this blog. In less than two months Google will stop Google Reader. That’s bad but we can’t change it. Unfortunately, over 600 subscribers of this blog still use Google Readers according to our feedburner statistics.

And that is bad. Bad for us, because we loose 600 subscribers that have a huge loyalty to this blog. And bad for you, since you do not get actively informed when we have fresh content. There is only one way to avoid this. You have to move.

  • The fastest way is that you subscribe with your email to the blog. For this service, we use Google Feedburner (hope they keep at least this service). As you know us, we do not publish too many articles so your risk to be spammed is zero. Actually, we look for articles from the community about business model innovation.
  • You move to another RSS reader. There are plenty of articles on the best alternatives to Google Reader like this on from The Verve or from lifehacker.  The best is that you can export your feeds into the new reader easily. Feedly, a favorite of many, has a build-in function to connect with Google Reader and will import all your feeds directly into Feedly. The second alternative is to export your feeds into the new reader. Mashable explains this option. A very clean reader, that is very close to the user experience of Google Reader, is The Old Reader.

So act now!

Hope to see you on another RSS reader or as an email subscriber.

Thank you very much.



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