Top 10 in 2011

Here are the Top 10s of this blog in 2011. I hope they give you some insights. More than 45.500 visits and 72.458 pages impressions were recored in 2011 (12/26/10-12/25/11) on this blog. Thank you very much!! All of you are a great motivation to me and inspiration to the field of business model innovation and business model design.

I have prepared my personal highlights and the Top 10 of post you have visited during 2011. The other Top 10s are about the search terms around my blog and the countries where all the visitors come from.

Personal Highlights

  1. It is amazing how knowledge dissemination has changed over the last years thanks to the internet. Today, relevance counts more than pure marketing or brand power. A big thanks to Google that made it possible that readers find the blog. Today, knowledge disseminates from students to professor, from lower ranks to CEOs. A revolution in knowledge management.
  2. Thanks to the blog and its readers, I got assignments all over the world.  This year, I loved particularly to work in Seattle, Singapur and Cairo (shortly before the revolution). Good luck to all my friends in Egypt and keep up the free and entrepreneurial spirit I felt there.
  3. Thanks to all my readers and clients, 2011 was a very exciting year. 2012 will be exciting as well. I have found with with the innovation campus of the Wolfsburg AG, a public private partnership between the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG, a sponsor for a tool box for entrepreneurs. The tool box will be out by mid 2012. The tool box will be in German and is targeted at all entrepreneurs that what to make a difference in life.
  4. fluidminds has launched a new product, a five day workshop for intrapreneurs in large corporations. First pilots in 2011 and more to come in 2012. It is fantastic to see how fast you can find customer insights and then develop great business and growth initiatives on top of them.
If you are interested in the Toolbox, please subscribe here. The news will be in German.

The Top 10 posts on business model innovation

Interestingly, thanks to Google not the newest articles are only on the list, but some old ones even dating back to 2009.

  1. Change, Unlearning and the business model (6/2009)
  2. Tools: Business Model Canvas, 6 Steps Approach to business model innovation
  3. Can you copy a business model? Groupon and its clones (4/2011)
  4. Design Thinking, Ideo and disruptive business model innovation (11/2009)
  5. Who says paper is dead? Business Model Innovation in the Newspaper Industry (9/2009)
  6. Architectural Innovation: Taking Control of the Value Chain (1/2011)
  7. Business Modeling: Value Proposition vs. Value Perception (08/2010)
  8. Open Innovation: Does it work? (8/2010)
  9. What business are you in? Business Models as Social Constructs (6/2011)
  10. Business Model Innovation in Retailing: Changing Financials, Changing Economics (3/2010)

Top 10 search words that guided the users to the blog

  1. business model innovation (2.219)
  2. business model canvas (2.180)
  3. business model (536)
  4. ikea business model (500)
  5. copy (306), no idea why I rank that high 😉
  6. aldi business model (288)
  7. the business model canvas (250)
  8. canvas business model (202)
  9. resource allocation theory (197)
  10. architectural innovation (152)

The biggest winners in search volume compared to last year is the Business Model Canvas. Thanks to Alex for establishing the term.

Top 10 countries

country visits % of total
United States 8.815 19,37 %
Germany 4.733 10,40 %
United Kingdom 3.994 8,77 %
India 2.060 4,53 %
Switzerland 1.906 4,19 %
Netherlands 1.897 4,17 %
France 1.436 3,15 %
Australia 1.416 3,11 %
Canada 1.344 2,95 %
Malaysia 1.136 2,50 %

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  1. Dear Patrick:

    I write from Bogota, Colombia. Congrats for such an excellent blog. Keep going with this great work in the coming year. It has helped me a lot in my entrepreneurial life. Hope we can have you here soon in South America.

    Best regards,


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